Courage to 

Change and Grow

Life Coaching or Consulting



I support women who are wondering about life, work and its possibilities to find and follow their own path no matter where it goes or how far it leads them.

Backpacking, Solo Adventures and Trip Planning

 I empower people who want to travel and explore the world to follow their heart's desires even if others don't share the same enthusiasm.

Working in a different culture and language

I accompany and encourage woman from different countries or cultures who are facing work in a different language and/or culture to be resilient and successful in their work.

About Me

Life Coach, Engineer, Foreigner, Dual Citizen, Adventurer and Student

I'm wearing many hats - I'm an engineer from 7-4pm, learn and study topics that interest me,  I'm continuously improving my second language and plan outdoor trips as much as I can.

If you want to read more about me and if I could be a good fit in your coaching journey, check out my About Me section!

Life Coaching or Consulting 

5pm–7pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

11am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday

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